Best Website Designs to Inspire You In 2022

So, with the impact of the pandemic taking over almost everything for the past two years, here you are preparing to spend 2022 exploring some latest website design trends for your business. Take some time and think about all the websites you came across over the past few months. There are probably many things that impressed you, like the appealing website layout and the user-friendly interface.  

According to specific research, 64% of people prefer visiting an attractive website, while 88% leave a website when they find it unattractive and tend to shop from their competitors. So, this data indicates only one thing. If your business does not have an aesthetically pleasing and functional website design, you are likely to lose your target audience in the long run.  

On the contrary, figuring out ways to design your website as per the latest trends can be challenging. But not anymore, because this post covers the best website designs that have had a major impact on the online world.   

  • Best Website Designs to Inspire You In 2022:

First, we have Billie as one of the top website designs on this list. This brand sells daily essential products for women like lip balm, body lotion, razors, etc. Their website design features a pink, purple and blue color scheme throughout their web design, making it more appealing and attractive to the eyes of the users.

The best thing about this color theme is that it matches well with the color of its logo design. This brand uses the same color texture in every business activity, like their design and product packaging.  

When designing your website, ensure that you use the same brand color theme throughout it to give it a uniform and appealing look. However, Billie prefers using the same color theme on their website, product packaging, logo, site background, and even on the CTA buttons. 


  • IBM’s The Harmonic State 

IBM Watson’s website design speaks for itself. They use auditory elements on their website with captivating visuals to create an engaging user experience. In addition, when you visit their web page, they will request you to use headphones.  

If you don’t have your earphones around or don’t want to use them, you can still feel the effect of the interactive background that keeps you engaged with the never-ending universe. Likewise, users can still feel the vibe of playing around with the sand art while navigating the mouse through the web page.  

This website design balances the font size and typography between the description and the title. You will find the significant title quite appealing as soon as you land on their website. But indeed, it won’t carry your attention away from the site’s main content.  

Lastly, the bold and blue CTA button will take you to the next page, which is highly reciprocal, letting the users explore the three stories smoothly. IBM also uses a visually appealing story-telling theme in their website design to make the dry and complex topics engaging, and AI simplified. 

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Superlist is mainly a productivity app helping individuals and teams change their working methods. When you visit a website initially, the first thing you try to figure out is what the brand is about. With websites such as Superlist, you will know what to expect when you land on their web or home page. 

Their homepage is highly interactive, showcasing the standard work features such as keyboard and headphones with a to-the-point, clear copy. This website ensures the use of the white space effectively to maintain its focus on the copy. To facilitate easy navigation, they also include an arrow icon button indicating that there’s more for you to explore on their page when you start scrolling. From here, you will come across all their fun visuals that will engage you as you continue learning about the brand. 

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This company specializes in eyeglasses and fashionable lenses that enable shoppers to try their products before purchasing them to find the best product that suits them. Warby Parker also makes good use of the white space throughout their website. When you scroll through their site to browse their products, you will be able to navigate the site easily. The interface is simple yet attractive. 

Using whitespace can be effective for your website. However, when you cramp your website with videos, photos, or text in every corner, you make it challenging for the users to navigate. Hence, when designing your website, ensure to use whitespace to create a smooth website offering an excellent user interface. It will also increase customer engagement for the brand. 

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Spotify is known for pulling off some incredible feats, and the current version of Spotify Design is no exception. Spotify’s visual and creative center provides users a glimpse inside the aspects that makes the music and podcast behemoth so popular. 

This website has personality and depth because of its bright colors, drop shadows, and fluid animations. Albums and artists nearly leap off the screen thanks to the flat geometric patterns with abstract embellishments. 



So, here you have the best development services of website designs to start developing your ideal website for 2022. Designing a website might be straightforward when you have a style and feel in mind. Use these samples to help you create your website’s layout, color palette, images, and animations. 

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