8 Tested ways to find hidden cameras

Hello guys, welcome once again to I will be sharing with you today, 8 tested ways to find hidden cameras at homes or a hotel. There are many reasons for installing hidden cameras in a hotel, as a matter of fact, it is very advisable to install hidden cameras in every public places hotels inclusive. Alshio find time to read 5 essential eye exercises if you are looking at computer too much

1. Know where to look to Find hidden cameras

Owing to advanced technology these days, most cameras can be as small as the end of a pen making them easy to hide virtually anywhere, hence they are called hidden cameras.

Therefore, when searching for hidden cameras look at places like smoke detectors, power stripes, night lights, air fresheners, books, DVD cases, video game cases, shelves, small holes in the walls. Do not forget to read how to Check BVN Number of Nigerian Banks on Mobile Phones

Other places to look out for are photographs, or other decorative items, stuffed animals such as teddy bears and lamps can also be used to hide a camera.

2. Understand what part of the camera to look for

Most of the camera’s part would be hidden but the lens must always be visible for camera to be effective. Any camera installed by an expert will not display wires or light but the lens must be visible.

3. Check the best angle for coverage in a room to Find hidden cameras

It’s easy to search for the camera from the perspective of someone wanting to record the centre of activities in a room. For example; corners of a room provide good camera coverage of a room.

4. Look for oddly placed mirrors or decorations

If you see a picture or mirror at a weird height, there may be a hidden camera embedded. If the mirror is a two way it’s suspicious at very least a camera is embedded. A one way mirror at an odd place may be a sign of a hidden camera.

find hidden camera

5. Check stuffed animals and clocks

The eyes of stuffed animals or screws of clocks could often conceal a hidden camera. Consider removing them from your vicinity if you suspect they house cameras.

6. Use your cell phone to scan for interference

It isn’t a perfect method but it will help you get certain types of cameras. Make a call in your cell phone and leave the caller on the line. Walk around the room with your phone on speaker mode listen for crackling, clicking and buzzing from your phone. That could be a camera streaming.

7. Use an RF detector

An RF (radio frequency) detector allows you to scan for hidden cameras. This is by physically sweeping the detector around the room and listening to the feedback. If you hear sudden crackling or beeping through the detector, there is a good chance you will find a hidden camera.

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When using RF detector, you need to unplug any device that broadcast radio signals. This includes kitchen appliances, baby monitors, TVs, radios and so on. You may need to cycle through different frequencies before you find the right one.

8. Use your smart phones front camera

This can be achieved by following the following steps.

– open your Smartphone camera and switch to the front camera.

– verify your Smartphone can see infrared lights. This can be done by pointing the TV remote to the camera. Press any button on the remote, look for a flash in the remotes control front line on the phones screen.

– turn off the lights in the room you want to scan. In order to scan for infrared light you need to have the room as dark as possible. If there are other lights like night lights, power indicators unplug their source.

– use you Smartphone camera to look for flashing lights with the phone screen facing you. Rotate while looking for flashing spots. If you see a flashing area, it’s most likely hidden camera’s infrared light.

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